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Cube relay, 24 VDC coil, 2PDT, 5A contact rating, with LED indicator

Manufacturer Part Number: QM2N1-D24
Manufacturer: Automation Direct
Price: $4.75 each.

QM Series Electromechanical Relay

QM series relays are general purpose relays designed for a wide range of applications, from power to sequence controls in various factory machines and control panels. They are ideal for electric control panels requiring stable and reliable relays.
  • Small package design
  • DPDT has a fine silver contact with 5A capability
  • 4PDT has a gold-plated silver contact with 3A capability High dielectric strength (1800 VAC)
  • High reliability and long life
  • Ultra-high sensitivity with quick response time (20 ms max.)
  • Vibration and shock resistant
  • LED indicator light on all models, so you can easily see if relay is working properly without using a voltmeter
  • Diode protection on some 24 VDC models to protect contacts and electronic components from back EMF
  • UL recognized, CE certified, CSA approval pending