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Manufacturer Part Number: 930153185
Manufacturer: Datalogic
Price: $1,068.30 each.



The DS2100N laser reader satisfies the demanding application needs of the largest manufacturers worldwide. DS2100N provides high reliability when reading difficult bar codes thanks to its high performance optics and ACB™ reconstruction technology. The built-in high immunity to ambient light through laser modulation and very compact housing with IP65 protection allows installation in harsh environments. The DS2100N is equipped with the ID-NET™ interface, used for high-speed scanner interconnection. ID-NET™ allows faster and more efficient data collection without the need for an external multiplexer device. This translates into overall cost reduction and easier system wiring. X-PRESS™ is the intuitive Human Machine Interface designed to improve ease of installation and maintenance. Status and diagnostic information are clearly presented by means of a five LED bar-graph, and the single multi-function key gives immediate access to relevant functions such as Test Mode (for bar code verification), AutoLearn (for bar code self-detection) and Auto-Setup (for scanner self-adjusting). This makes installation quick and easy (no external PC required). The DS2100N scanner can be easily programmed through the intuitive and multi-language Genius™ SW tool.


  • Embedded ID-NET™ high speed connectivity to simplify data collection and cluster wiring
  • Intuitive X-PRESS™ interface for quick scanner installation and troubleshooting
  • Easy setup through multi-language Genius™ SW tool
  • ACB™ advanced code builder technology improves the read rate on damaged bar codes
  • Motor on/off and motor speed SW programmable for energy saving
  • IP65 rugged industrial housing


  • Automated warehousing
  • Conveyor sorting
  • Picking systems
  • Automated shop floor
  • Items and parts tracking
  • Process control and Packaging OEM
  • Document Handling
  • Print & Apply
  • Automatic chemical and biomedical analysis machines


  • 930153183 DS2100N-1200 STD-RES, LINEAR, NSC
  • 930153184 DS2100N-2200 HI-RES, LINEAR, NSC
  • 930153185 DS2100N-1210 STD-RES, RASTER, NSC
  • 930153186 DS2100N-2210 HI-RES, RASTER, NSC
  • 930153187 DS2100N-1204 STD-RES, LINEAR, HI-PERF, NSC
  • 930153188 DS2100N-1214 STD-RES, RASTER, HI-PERF, NSC
  • 930153189 DS2100N-2204 HI-RES, LINEAR, HI-PERF, NSC
  • 930153190 DS2100N-2214 HI-RES, RASTER, HI-PERF, NSC

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